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Food and Drink

The Food and Drink market is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK and, as it was less affected by the financial crisis than other sectors, it has observed a constant growth for several years. The development of new innovative food and drinks and the change of consumers’ lifestyle for more “Made in England” products have contributed to the expansion and growth of the market. Key trends in the market are:

  • Activity in the Food and Drink market has increased significantly in the past 2 years bringing over £90 billion to the UK economy
  • The sector’s growth is boosted by constant innovation in the food & drink industry to meet consumer’s will to try new products
  • In the past 12-18 months over 160 took transactions place in the UK in the Food & Drinks sector including major deals in the South of England such as the disposal of Oxfordshire-based Rowse Honey Ltd to Valeo Foods, the disposal of Friarwood Wine Merchant and the acquisition of Bite Group Ltd by Adelie Foods Group
  • As people are more and more conscious of their health and lifestyle, the development of healthy food and drink option is likely to be one of the major trends for the next few years

Our corporate finance team has recently advised on some significant deals in the Food and Drink sector in the Thames Valley and the South of England. To learn more about our expertise in this sector, contact us on 01491579740.

What our clients say

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our 47 year journey of starting, building and developing the Friarwood brand, but the time is now right to pass on the baton. I am very grateful for the guidance, skill and leadership HMT has brought to this transaction which has enabled us to achieve the families’ objectives in a timely manner.”
Isabelle Bowen, Co-founder of Friarwood
“ HMT looked at various options for developing the business and how this could be financed. The team very quickly demonstrated an excellent understanding of what is a complex industry, and using their expertise they were able to facilitate a very positive and satisfactory solution for the Company and its shareholders.”

Michael Mitchell, Finance Director of Braeforge


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